Where To Honeymoon In July

Find the best honeymoon destinations in July with our round-up of the wonderful places you can visit!

Where to honeymoon in July | The Honeymoon Guide
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Planning a July wedding? Whether you are getting straight on a plane after or are already married and thinking about a latermoon, there are so many wonderful options for an exciting July honeymoon!

No matter your honeymoon category or what you want to spend, whether it’s a tropical beach honeymoon, a safari honeymoon, a road trip July honeymoon, or a city honeymoon.

We’ve got all the best honeymoon destinations in July below, so you know exactly where to honeymoon in July!

One word of warning: July coincides with school break/holidays in many regions, so we recommend booking early to get the best deals and availability for July honeymoon destinations.

Wondering where to honeymoon in July but also need to know about other months? Discover our handy weather page chart or discover a detailed breakdown of each month just like this one.

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Oceania / The South Pacific

Best July Honeymoon Destinations at a glance: Australia | French Polynesia | Fiji

July is an ideal month to visit the Oceania paradise islands of Fiji or French Polynesia as it’s the dry season.

Bora Bora is on many honeymoon wish lists and with wonderful resorts like The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort and Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora, it’s easy to see why!

Discover more with our Ultimate French Polynesia Guide.

For some couples wondering where to honeymoon in July, you may think Australia is out because it is winter in the Southern Hemisphere, but it’s great for couples who may prefer to visit outside of the peak, extremely hot months

If you’re seeking an epic July honeymoon road trip, then add it to your shortlist!

It’s a wonderful time to visit the Northern Territory, including the iconic Red Centre, where you visit Uluru and the surrounding expanses.

The Ghan train from Adelaide to Darwin is 100% worth considering for a romantic honeymoon train journey of a lifetime.

You can experience winter sports near Melbourne.

Queensland experiences typical tropical seasons ‘rainy’ and ‘dry’ and July with pleasant temperatures in the early 20s°C / 70s°F.

It is wintertime in New Zealand, so unless you’re planning a winter sports July honeymoon, we’d recommend waiting until at least the southern hemisphere spring from late September onwards.

Bondi Beach Honeymoon in Australia

Africa & Indian Ocean

Best July Honeymoon Destinations at a glance: Botswana | Kenya | Tanzania | Namibia | Mozambique | Madagascar | Seychelles

For couples wondering where to honeymoon in July, make sure Africa is on your shortlist! There are so many July honeymoon safari options to choose at this time of year on the great continent.

It’s the middle of the dry season in Botswana and game viewing is at its best in the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park.

Although the peak time for Victoria Falls is from March to May, July is a pleasant month for visibility of these incredible waterfalls.

Consider a safari in Zambia or Zimbabwe for a true off-the-beaten-track Africa honeymoon delight.

With the Skeleton Coast, Etosha National Park and the Kalahari desert, you’re in for a road trip you’ll never forget in Namibia.

Explore the unique wildlife and views of the cosmos. It’s one of our favourite honeymoon destinations in July for couples who’ve been everywhere.

The most popular route for an incredible adventure honeymoon road trip in South Africa is Cape Town and the Garden Route.

However, July is cooler in these areas, but it is a great time to visit Kruger National Park and other parts of the country.

South Africa’s Johannesburg airport is a great jump off point to other destinations in the region, too.

It’s the ideal time of year for Tanzania and Kenya if you’re seeking a safari and beach July honeymoon, discover the contrasts between them!

The wildebeest migration passes through the Masai Mara / northern Serengeti in July.

See the majestic wildlife, including the Big 5, with Mount Kenya or Mount Kilimanjaro in the background and then finish on a heavenly Indian Ocean beach in Zanzibar or near Mombassa. Find our more with our Ultimate Guide for Tanzania.

For couples wondering where to honeymoon in July for off-the-beaten track adventures, consider gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda with an Indian Ocean beach add-on.

Perhaps Madagascar or Mozambique are enticing to you, July honeymoon destinations for couples who want really want something different to the most popular destinations.

It’s hot in Morocco and Egypt, so we’d recommend choosing a different time of year for these North African gems.

It’s also a great month to visit Seychelles as it’s the dry season. We adore this island nation.

Go on an island hopping honeymoon adventure. Hire a car and discover the best beaches in the world. Find out everything you need to know with our essential guide to Seychelles.

Say hello to some Tortoises, hike through Vallée de Mai and take a bike ride to the stunning beach, Anse Source d’Argent on La Digue, where you can hire crystal kayaks.

Combine Seychelles with a safari in Kenya or South Africa. Nairobi and Johannesburg have direct flights with Kenya Airways and Air Seychelles, respectively.

It is winter in Mauritius with average temperatures of 22°C / 75°F, so it’s ideal for couples who want a tropical honeymoon without high temperatures.

You can read our essential guide to Mauritius. One tip is to stay on the less breezy west coast. Check out our favourite lavish Mauritius honeymoon hotels for inspiration.

It is the rainy season in the Maldives, although couples do travel to this paradise throughout the year and July has less rainfall than other rainy season months.

You should be prepared for some thunderstorms and overcast days but plenty of sunshine too. It’s unlikely you’d experience a week of adverse weather, but this time of year does come with a warning.

You’ll find discounted prices, and it’s one of the cheapest times to travel. Maldives honeymoon resorts are incredible.

If you’re wondering, Is the Maldives boring? We don’t think so! Dive deeper in to this piece of paradise with our essential guide to the Maldives or choose an alternative to the Maldives?

Thinking about the Maldives or Bora Bora? Discover the contrasts between them!

We’ve also got a handy guide to whether Seychelles, Maldives or Mauritius is the right choice for you, too.

Seychelles Beach The Honeymoon Guide

South America

Best July Honeymoon Destinations at a glance: Peru | Colombia

When you’re thinking about where to honeymoon in July, South America is vast and diverse, with plenty of options.

Brazil is a year-round destination. Although July is winter time, you get balmy temperatures, so it’s a great time to visit if you prefer to go outside of the more humid months.

It is the beginning of the dry season in the Amazon rainforest.

July is wintertime in Argentina, so much of the country is cold and we would only recommend it for skiing or winter sports around areas like Patagonia.

However, it never gets too cold in Buenos Aires. So, you could visit there and Iguazu Falls and hop over the border of Brazil for a multi-destination honeymoon adventure.

It’s one of the best times of the year to visit Peru. Hike the Inca Trail (book early as permits are limited!) and visit the Nazca Lines, Arequipa, the Amazon and Lake Titicaca, Peru is one of the best July honeymoon destinations for adventure and culture lovers.

Take the Belmond Andean Explorer for a unique train journey throughout the country.

Tag on the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia to Argentina to Peru to make an epic multi-destination honeymoon.

Visit Ecuador and the iconic Galapagos Islands for whales and dolphins spotting.

Plus, the giant tortoises start to look for nesting areas at this time of year.

Discover Colombia, ideal for honeymoon adventure seekers with its beautiful beaches and high altitude cities and jungle interior.

aerial view of Machu Picchu Peru Honeymoon

North America, Central America & Caribbean

Best July Honeymoon Destinations at a glance: USA | Canads

There is no doubt about it, for couples wondering where to honeymoon in July, North America should be on your list.

July is the peak time of the year to travel, so prices are a premium, however, and destinations can be more crowded. Recent years have seen scorching heatwaves in and forest fires, too.

Yet, because of the diversity and size, it’s still a great destination for a shorter honeymoon or a longer trip.

Summer is in full swing in Canada. Take a drive through the Rockies on an epic honeymoon road trip.

Explore the beautiful surrounds of Banff, Jasper and Vancouver Island. Vancouver is also one of the best jump-off points for a cruise to Alaska.

Ships weave through the Inside Passage, a coastal route filled with majestic fjords, glaciers and lush scenery.

On the east coast, Toronto and Niagara Falls and French speaking Montreal and Quebec await. Toronto is a great city to pair with other destinations in the Americas like the Caribbean.

California is also one of our favourite destinations for an epic honeymoon road trip. While some destinations might be a little too hot like Death Valley, the coastal drive is one of our favourites.

From San Francisco to Los Angeles to San Diego, it is one of the most beautiful drives in the world. Visit the vineyards of Napa Valley, stop at cute towns like Monterey and Pismo Beach.

Watch Redwoods turn into palm trees as you go further south to experience that SoCal beach vibe from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles to San Diego.

Many couples tag on Las Vegas for a fun stop to their California honeymoon, but it is extremely hot in the desert at this time of year, although the hotels have plenty inside to keep you entertained for a few days.

You can also island hop in Hawaii. The hardest part is choosing which islands! Will it be heavenly Maui, fun Oahu, laid back Kauai or adventurous Big Island? Get planning with our complete guide to a Hawaii Honeymoon.

With many incredible national parks and iconic cities throughout the USA, there are endless honeymoon combinations.

Drive from New York and Boston through New England.

Consider Montana & Wyoming for incredible national parks like Yellowstone. Find out more with our 50 best honeymoon destinations in the USA – we’ve got the lowdown on every state!

You may wonder where to honeymoon in July in the Caribbean.

It is early in the hurricane season, which can affect the Caribbean islands and the coastal southern US states like Florida.

Many couples still choose to travel to these regions at this time of year before the riskier months.

There are some stunning locations like the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, the Bahamas, St. Lucia, Antigua and Cuba if you’re not risk adverse.

You could consider countries outside the ‘hurricane belt’ like Aruba and Barbados. However, it’s worth noting predicting hurricanes isn’t an exact science.

Central American countries like Belize also experience their rainy season at this time of year, although many couples still travel for the discounted rates.

While it is the rainy season in Costa Rica, it’s one of the driest months on the Caribbean side.

We’ve revealed everything you need to know about Costa Rica, plus you can discover our favourite honeymoon hotels.

While it is the rainy season in the wonderful Riviera Maya in Mexico, you are unlikely to encounter extreme weather.

We love the all-inclusive Secrets resorts. The latest incarnation, Secrets Impression Moxche, should be on your list!

You could consider Cabo on the Pacific Ocean coast, easily accessible from Los Angeles and a perfect add on to a road trip or city stop honeymoon in the USA.

Caribbean cruises can be a good choice at this time. Although the weather could be sunny or mixed, prices can be cheaper – find out more about our favourite honeymoon cruises.

You can expect some rain showers and occasionally adverse weather, although these honeymoon destinations in July are still popular despite the weather being unpredictable.

skyline empire state building new york city honeymoon


Best July Honeymoon Destinations at a glance: the entire continent

Europe should be on the top of the list for any couples wondering where to honeymoon in July.

However, it is a peak month, so expect crowds and hot weather. Recent years have seen extremely scorching heatwaves in southern European countries, too.

Go island hopping in Greece. Stay in a stunning sunset view suite at a honeymoon hotel in Santorini or picturesque Mykonos with its pretty Chora and boutique boltholes.

Or if you’ve been there, done that, then consider Croatia with some wonderful islands to explore.

Explore striking cities and beaches of Spain and Portugal. Party the days and nights away in magical Ibiza or cool Berlin. Explore the pretty towns of the French Riviera in the south of France.

Take a food tour of the iconic lakes, valleys, mountains and coastline of Italy – Lake Como, Lake Garda, the magnificent Amalfi Coast, Puglia, Tuscany, the Dolomites, the Italian Riviera. The cities are magic.

Explore the museums and architecture of Florence and the waterways and incredible architecture of Venice. Explore Rome – there is so much to see and do in the Eternal City.

With Italy, the hardest part of planning a honeymoon is narrowing down which regions you can bear to leave off your itinerary!

Just remember, you’ll have many anniversaries to go back!

Take the Bernina Express from Switzerland to Italy. Train travel is one of the best ways to get around continental Europe (and a great way to make your honeymoon more sustainable)!

Get off the beaten track in Slovenia or Montenegro.

Take a cruise around the Mediterranean or Aegean Sea, stopping at Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Croatia and Turkey.

There are many extraordinary minimoon and honeymoon destinations in July and endless multi-destination combinations.

Visit the Baltic capitals of Denmark, Finland and Sweden. Take a cruise through the Norwegian Fjords.

Do a city hop through London, Paris, and Amsterdam.

Explore the cities, towns and coasts of Ireland or England, Wales & Scotland. The weather is usually much cooler in these destinations, too.

The hardest part of choosing where to honeymoon in July in Europe is the sheer number of incredible destinations you have to choose from!

fira santorini greece  at sunset by the honeymoon guide

Asia & Middle East

Best July Honeymoon Destinations at a glance: Indonesia & Bali

If Asia jewels like India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Bhutan, China and Japan are on your wishlist and you’re wondering where to honeymoon in July, it’s worth noting that much of the region is humid and rainy at this time of year.

If you’re not used to this kind of weather, it can be uncomfortable. Monsoon can bring anything from a quick daily afternoon shower to heavier downpours and thunderstorms.

Many couples still travel to Asia despite the chance of poor weather.

However, while much of the continent is experiencing monsoon, our honeymoon favourite, Bali, is the exception.

In fact, it is one of the best times time to visit Indonesia – good news for couples wondering where to honeymoon in July.

From the ancient sacred temples to the modern fun beach clubs, Bali is just about as perfect as honeymoon destinations in July go.

You have beaches and islands, wildlife, shopping and luxury hotels with private pools and abundant floating breakfasts.

You can island hop to the Gili Islands near Lombok or the nearer and instagram-worthy Nusa Islands.

And best of all, it’s very affordable, so ideal if you’re planning a budget-savvy honeymoon. We’ve got all the essential information you need to plan a Bali honeymoon.

Consider other islands of Indonesia. We love Komodo National Park. You can see Komodo dragons on Rinca Island and visit Pink Beach and take a boat trip to a sandbar.

If you’re considering Thailand, stick to the east coast islands like Koh Samui. See our Ultimate Thailand Honeymoon Guide for more information.

Add on a city stopover in Singapore – book a couple of nights in the incredible Marina Bay Sands hotel – home to one of our favourite rooftop pools.

It is extremely hot in the Middle East in July, so unless you’re accustomed to these kinds of temperatures, we’d recommend avoiding destinations like Oman and Jordan.

Turkey’s Mediterranean beaches are very popular.

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates usually has temperatures of 40°C/100°F, for example.

However, the luxury hotels‘ prices are at their lowest, so if you want to stop for a couple of days, Dubai has lots of indoor pursuits, too.

You can visit Ski Dubai & the Dubai Mall. Marvel at the views from Burj Khalifa. Feel the sea breeze on a speedboat tour of Dubai Marina and explore the Museum of the Future.

As you can see for couples wondering where to honeymoon in July and are flying through Dubai, it is possible to have a jam-packed July honeymoon city stopover itinerary despite the heat.

Find out more with our Ultimate Dubai Honeymoon Guide.

Nusa Penida Bali Honeymoon in Indonesia

Where To Honeymoon In July Summary

In conclusion, the following is a list of where to honeymoon in July:

Thanks for reading our ‘Where to honeymoon in July’ article. Are you planning a honeymoon in July? Let us know in the comments where you’re thinking of going!

We endeavour to provide accurate climate information about where to honeymoon in July. However, as the weather around the world has become more erratic and unpredictable because of the climate catastrophe, The Honeymoon Guide is not responsible for disappointment regarding your trip because of adverse weather.