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Is the Maldives boring?

Ok, so one big question we get from our readers is ‘Is the Maldives boring?' And our answer is always DEFINITELY NOT! We've got the low-down on where adventure seekers can go...
Is the Maldives boring? | The Honeymoon Guide

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While the Maldives doesn’t have a hedonistic party scene like in Ibiza, Las Vegas or Berlin and although you can’t trek through the jungle seeking unique flora & fauna, many ask, Is the Maldives boring? This Indian Ocean paradise has a lot to offer adventure and pleasure seekers. We promise it can fill your days with fun things to do by day and you don’t have to have a week of early nights if you don’t want to!

While there are beautifully intimate resorts for couples who want to log off from the world in paradise, we know that there are also many of our readers that want lots of action! Read on for our favourite resorts for a Maldives honeymoon packed full of unique and memorable moments…

P.S If you want to dive deeper into planning a Maldives honeymoon, we’ve got everything you need to know with our Ultimate Maldives Honeymoon Guide

Siyam World

Siyam World is one of the most exciting resorts to open recently in the Maldives! Not content with having the first water park, they also have affordable Water Villas (overwater villas) with your own slide down into their beautiful turquoise lagoon.

Their WOW All-Inclusive is one of the best all-inclusive offerings in the Maldives, including most restaurants and bars included (we love the 24-hour bar ’Together’ — the perfect place to watch a magical Maldivian sunset). Fancy riding a white horse along the beach? They have a ranch, yes, a horse ranch! You could never wonder ‘Is the Maldives boring’ when you see all that Siyam World offers! The Veyo Spa is in the lush tropical vegetation and uses beautiful organic oils made by local artisans.

Arrive by… seaplane
Our favourite room… Reef Villa with Pool and Slide

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Couple in glass-bottom canoe | The Honeymoon Guide | Photo by Asad via Pexels
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Kandima Maldives

The stunning insta-friendly Kandima Maldives is the perfect spot for nighttime lovers. With regular bands and DJs, pool parties and a happy hour, you can dance the night away under the starry Maldivian sky.

They have a state-of-the-art sports arena, so whether it’s football or tennis, Kandima has you covered. Get creative in their art studio, in-house photo studio with professional photographers and on the water glass canoes, parasailing and wild dolphin spotting. Need to relax after all of that, then book into esKape Spa for Maldivian Ocean Dream Massage. Perfection.

Arrive by… seaplane
Our favourite room… Sunset Aqua Pool Suite

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Kuramathi Maldives

The picture-perfect island, Kuramathi Maldives, with its lush green centre and beautiful white sand and turquoise water, is a long favourite with honeymooners.

Their Select All-Inclusive gives you the option of multiple delectable dining options, including a Havana Club Wine & Cigar Bar. They cover nighttime entertainment with DJs, bands and outdoor movies available under the shooting stars of the Maldives sky.

Visit an island to meet local people. Paddle-boarding, kayaking and water skiing are just a few of the thrills available for adrenaline addicts. Don’t forget to rest those muscles in the couple’s water pavilion massage room overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Arrive by… speedboat or seaplane
Our favourite room… Thundi Water Villa with Pool

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couple walking on sandbank maldives | the honeymoon guide | via pexels asad
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Hard Rock Hotel Maldives

The famous Hard Rock has created one of the most fun resorts in the Maldives. With an endless array of daytime activities on the water and off. When someone asks, is the Maldives boring? This is one resort that is far from it!

Fancy a banana boat ride, jet -skiing or kayaking? Learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or take an introduction to the Aerial Arts? Nightlife and music lovers can dance to regular DJs and bands. One of our favourite aspects of this resort is you can cross over by footbridge to the neighbouring island at Saii Lagoon, which has The Marina @ Crossroads with retail shops and more nightlife and dining options, including the famous Hard Rock Cafe. We love the unique Synchronicity Massage at the spa, complete with a curated soundtrack.

Arrive by… speedboat
Our favourite room… Platinum Overwater Pool Villa

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Kuredu Island Resort & Spa

Kuredu is a well-established long-time favourite with couples seeking a bigger island (one of the biggest in the Maldives). With a variety of restaurants and bars to choose from. Nightlife lovers have their White Night party or the more colourful party at Coco Beach.

For sports lovers, a golf course and a floodlit pitch for your favourite sports and 3.5kms of white sandy beach and their own Dream Island, a sandbank, you can have all to yourself. You can snorkel on the house reef and dive around a shipwreck. We recommend the Full Moon Magic at the overwater O spa. Did we mention you can also visit a neighbouring island, Hurawalhi’s undersea restaurant? When someone asks ‘is the Maldives boring? ‘ Just point them to Kuredu.

Arrive by… seaplane
Our favourite room… Sangu Water Villa Honeymoon Suite

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Have you ever thought, is the Maldives boring? Are you looking for a lively Maldives resort or would you prefer something more intimate and quiet? Let us know in the comments!

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