Average Cost Of A Honeymoon with Honeymoon Calculator

Wondering what the average cost of a honeymoon is? Let’s break it down. We’ve even included a handy honeymoon calculator.

Average cost of a honeymoon with honeymoon calculator | The Honeymoon Guide
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Welcome to the world of honeymoononomics! ‘What is the average cost of a honeymoon?’ is one of the burning questions you have when you start wedding and honeymoon planning.

We know you’re in pursuit of the perfect honeymoon at the right cost. Wedding planning can come with some financial stress and then there is the additional expense of honeymoon costs on top.

If you’re wondering what the average cost of a honeymoon is, we’ve got the inside scoop! We’ve even got you covered with our handy honeymoon calculator below.

Not only will it total up the cost of your honeymoon, it will tell you how much more you need to save per month between now and your wedding!

Let’s break it down – what’s the average cost of a honeymoon?

What is the average cost of a honeymoon

We’re firm believers that the “right” cost of a honeymoon is what you, as a couple, are comfortable with.

But we get it, you want to know what others spend!

Here are some insights from our honeymoon research showing the average cost of a honeymoon:

  • 6% of couples spend 3000
  • 17% of couples spend 3000-5000
  • 39% of couples spend 5000-8000
  • 21% of couples spend 8000-10000
  • 17% of couples spend 10,000+

The average cost of a honeymoon can matter to some extent, because it helps give you a guide on what is considered ‘normal’, but it’s not the only factor to consider when planning your honeymoon.

The cost of a honeymoon will depend on what’s affordable for you and the final number can vary widely and is based on what aligns with your preferences and financial situation.

Basically, *your* budget is the crucial factor when planning a dream honeymoon. It’s possible to have a memorable and enjoyable honeymoon at different price points!

planning a honeymoon on a budget

What factors determine the cost of a honeymoon

How much does a honeymoon cost? Let’s break down the different factors that make up the average cost of a honeymoon.

Type of Honeymoon

First, you’ll need to consider the type of honeymoon you want.

60% of The Honeymoon Guide readers will choose a beach honeymoon, or a honeymoon that features a beach stay, but there are many other honeymoon types you can have (or add on to a beach honeymoon).

You might choose a safari honeymoon, adventure honeymoon or cultural honeymoon, too.

If you’re not sure what type of honeymoon might suit you both, take our ‘What’s your honeymoon type’ quiz!


You may already have a list of dream honeymoon destinations, but when choosing the perfect spot, the cost of living and the local economy of the destination can significantly affect the overall cost of a honeymoon.

Depending on where you are in the world, some locations might be more affordable, while others could be quite expensive, because of their exclusivity or remote nature. 

Exchange rates

Prevailing exchange rates can make a difference to the average cost of a honeymoon.

If your honeymoon is in a foreign country, it’s a good idea to be prepared for potential fluctuations in exchange rates that could impact your budget.

Right now the US dollar is strong against the euro, which means for couples in the US, Europe is better value than it has been in years.

We can say the opposite for couples in the Eurozone going to the USA or countries where the dollar is pegged to the local currency (over 60 nations tie their currency to the US!).


When and how you book flights can make a difference to the average honeymoon cost. If you’re travelling at peak travel times, it’s best to book very early.

Booking return flights is also usually much better value than booking one way flights. A return flight doesn’t have to mean flying in and out of the same city.

You could fly into one city and out of another, but as long as it’s with the same airline, you can sometimes save up to hundreds of dollars, euros and pounds.


Accommodation preferences vary widely. Consider the type of experience you want.

Maybe you’re OK with more modest accommodation or maybe you want something special, like a city hotel with a rooftop pool or an overwater villa at a unique honeymoon hotel.

We love a high-low vibe, mixing hotel styles and levels. For example, if you’re planning a city + beach honeymoon, pull back on the standard of the city hotel and put more of your honeymoon fund towards the beach stay.

Or if you’re staying in a luxury honeymoon resort, consider a standard room for a few days and then upgrade to a showstopper suite for the last few days. Try to save the best for last, if you can!


Activities can quickly increase average honeymoon costs.

A helicopter over the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, a skydive in Australia or a boat trip in Thailand, these things can all add up. So, it’s a good idea to plan for excursions, tours and activities. 


The length of a honeymoon plays a role in the average cost of a honeymoon.

You may feel a honeymoon has to be grand tour, but shorter honeymoon might allow you to splurge a bit more, while a longer trip could require more budget-conscious choices.

The average length of a honeymoon varies. For couples in the US who generally have less annual leave, the average length of a honeymoon is around 7-10 nights.

In Europe, the average length of a honeymoon is 14-21 nights.

Travel Season

The time of year you plan to travel can affect costs due to peak travel times, holiday pricing, and weather conditions.

One way to be savvy about the average cost of a honeymoon is to choose a latermoon, i.e. a delayed honeymoon.

That way, if your wedding date doesn’t align with the optimum time to visit your destination, you can choose a more budget-friendly time to travel.

Be open to adjusting your plans, as having some flexibility can help you find the perfect honeymoon cost.

Personal Preferences

Your own preferences and priorities matter.

Some couples prioritise luxurious accommodations and fine dining, while others might focus on unique cultural experiences or outdoor adventures. Choose what is right for you both!


If your dream destination seems out of reach financially, consider alternatives that offer similar experiences at a lower cost.

For instance, if Italy or Greece are too expensive, you might explore Portugal or Croatia. If the magical Seychelles is too expensive, consider Thailand or Bali and if Barbados is too expensive, consider Mexico or the Dominican Republic. If Costa Rica is too expensive, consider Guatemala. 

Financial Planning

How soon a couple books their trip can make a difference to the average cost of a honeymoon. If you can, book early.

Consider a dedicated joint saving account for your honeymoon so you can chip away together at the cost of your honeymoon.

Travel Agents

Consider consulting with a travel agent who specialises in honeymoon planning.

You can get the average cost of a honeymoon in different destinations that might fit the bill and help you make an informed choice.

They can help you find the best deals and tailor the trip to your preferences. Plus, one of the pros of a great travel agent is that they will take care of the intricate details, leaving you to concentrate on wedding planning (and your wedding budget!).

Honeymoon registry

Your home might already be fully equipped with everything you need, so creating a honeymoon registry is a lovely alternative to traditional or cash gifts.

Travel agents and dedicated honeymoon registry websites offer this service.

Travel Hacking

If you are honeymoon planning on a budget, delving into airline and hotel loyalty programs, credit card rewards, and bank cashback initiatives can be a game-changer when it comes to the average honeymoon cost.

Caution is key when diving into these programs. We certainly wouldn’t want your newlywed bliss overshadowed by daunting credit card debt; it’s easy to get swept up in financial stress while navigating wedding expenses. An affordable honeymoon is the goal!

Nonetheless, with a prudent approach, you can cleverly trim some costs off your honeymoon expenses.

Picture this: if you’re preparing to invest substantial sums in wedding services, you might enrol in a credit card service offering a travel reward program alongside 0% interest.

Use this card to cover your wedding expenditures, ensuring you clear the bill on schedule. Voilà! You’ve garnered travel rewards that can you can put towards your honeymoon (or an anniversary trip to banish the post honeymoon blues!), all without incurring unnecessary expenses.

This savvy approach, referred to as travel hacking, can be a handy way to save money on the average honeymoon cost.

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How to work out the estimated cost of a honeymoon 

We’ve included some honeymoon travel resources below to help you work out the cost of your honeymoon.

If your honeymoon is not for another year or so, just pop in the costs for the coming year to give you a rough idea. Then pop the numbers to our honeymoon calculator!

P.S. The Honeymoon Calculator does not save, retain or send any of your inputs or personal information, so you can use it as many times as you need!

  • Flights: Start with Google Flights to get an idea of routes, airlines and costs. If you are not booking with a registered travel agent, then book flights directly on the airline website.

    They’re more responsive if you need to contact them and you won’t be passed from pillar to post if something goes wrong (like a cancellation or schedule change).

    Don’t forget to consider ancillary costs like luggage and seat allocation and pop them into the honeymoon calculator.
  • Transport: Add all of your transportation costs into the honeymoon calculator. Whether that’s private transfers or public buses, trains and taxis.

    If you’re booking car hire, make a note of additional costs such as upgraded insurance options and one way drop off fees and petrol/gas. We use RentalCars.com.
  • Accommodation: Our preferred hotel booking website is Booking.com as it has the best choice of accommodation. You can earn points and get discounts with their Genius loyalty programme. Plus, you can book their free cancellation rates (which we’d recommend).

    If you’re planning a multi-destination honeymoon, it’s super handy to have all your hotels booked in one place. Add your nightly accommodation costs to the honeymoon calculator.
  • Activities and Excursions: Make a list of the activities and excursions you plan to do during your honeymoon. Research their costs so you factor them into your honeymoon budget and add them to the honeymoon calculator.

    This could include tours, spa treatments, dining out, and entertainment. GetYourGuide.com is super user friendly and transparent and it’s easily our favourite platform for booking tours.
  • Food and Dining: If you’re not choosing an all-inclusive honeymoon resort destination where meals and drinks are included, then estimate the cost of meals and dining options at your destination.

    Research local restaurants to get an idea of what to expect. OpenTable is a handy starting point. Then add them to the calculator.
  • Travel Insurance: Don’t forget to include travel insurance in the honeymoon calculator. It’s a wise investment to protect your trip in case of unforeseen events, particularly unforeseen illnesses or injuries.

    You’ll need to talk to your travel insurance company if you have a pre-existing illness. Check our WorldNomads.com for travel insurance.

World Nomads provide travel insurance for travellers in over 100 countries. As an affiliate, we receive a fee when you get a quote from World Nomads using this link. We do not represent World Nomads. This is information only and not a recommendation to buy travel insurance from World Nomads.

  • Visas & Vaccinations: You might need a visa and/or vaccinations for your destination. iVisa.com can help if you need a visa.

    For travel vaccinations and advice on zika virus, speak to a registered doctor in your home country. Ideally one who specialises in tropical medicine. You can add these costs to the honeymoon calculator.
  • Miscellaneous Expenses: Add other expenses to the honeymoon calculator, things you might want to purchase before you travel, such as new passports, suitcases, sun screen and new clothes.

    These can all add up! You’ll also need to account for some miscellaneous expenses while you’re on honeymoon, such as shopping, tips, and any unexpected costs.
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How to use the honeymoon calculator

The Honeymoon Calculator does not save, retain or send any of your inputs or personal information, so you can use it as many times as you need!

  1. Input the total estimated budget you have allocated (or are thinking about) for your honeymoon.
  2. Input any savings you have already set aside for your honeymoon (you can enter 0 if you haven’t begun saving yet).
  3. Include all the costs you have researched, such as flight, accommodation, transport and other expenditures (enter 0 if any of the expenses don’t apply)
  4. Click on Wedding Date to input the date you’re getting married.

The Honeymoon Calculator will provide you with the following outcomes:

  • The cost of your honeymoon.
  • Whether it aligns with your honeymoon budget.
  • The total amount of money you need to save.
  • The monthly savings needed between now and your wedding date.

Honeymoon Calculator

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We hope this article about the average cost of a honeymoon and our honeymoon calculator has given you a clearer picture of what you need to do financially to plan your dream honeymoon. Please consider sharing with your friends who are getting married!

Happy Planning x