Honeymoon in Greece

With glorious blue skies, magnificent ancient ruins, welcoming faces, azure waters and delectable cuisine, a honeymoon in Greece is one of Europe’s most magical…

Honeymoon in Greece | The Honeymoon Guide
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Blessed with abundant beauty, a honeymoon in Greece has everything you need for the perfect romantic journey! While many couples will ‘fly and flop,’ there is so much to explore in this ancient land.

Extraordinary Santorini is usually at the top of any honeymoon in Greece bucket list. This volcanic island is the most photographed area of Greece because of some of the world’s most scenic magical sunsets. They really will take your breath away. Treat yourselves and book a cliff-hugging hotel with your own private plunge pool honeymoon suite overlooking the caldera. If you can tear yourselves away, Santorini is worth exploring.

Hike from Fira, the capital, to the villa pretty villa of Oia and its famous blue domed churches. Visit a vineyard on the island for wine tastings of Santorini’s highly prized wine. Visit the black sand beach and red sand beach. Take a sunset cruise. The clear blue waters of the Aegean sea are warm in the afternoon and as the sun sets and the colours change, you’ll be in honeymoon heaven.

Neighbouring Cyclades islands are not to be missed either. Usually the next on the list is Mykonos, Greece’s party equivalent to Ibiza or Miami, the playground of the rich and famous during the summer with beautiful beaches, boutiques and glamorous nightlife. Watch the sunset from the bars of Little Venice. We love the lesser-known Cyclades islands like Paros, Tinos, Folendangros, Milos and Sifnos to name a few where you’ll find sandy beaches, whitewashed buildings, ancient Greek ruins and family-run tavernas where you can drink red wine and feast on the freshest Mediterranean – Greek food. Each island has its own flavour, an island hop is a must.

Athens, with the Acropolis looming large, is one of Europe’s most underrated cities. Climb to this incredible archaeology site as the sun rises over the city. History buffs and classical art lovers will adore the incredible museums. Explore modern Athens on a street art tour. There are many culinary highlights – from down-to-earth tavernas to Michelin-star restaurants. Explore mainland Greece – the monasteries of Meteora, Ancient Delphi and the Temple of Apollo.

You can easily explore the mainland or take a short ferry to the nearby islands. We love the idyllic car-free islands like Hydra in the Saronic islands. There are much bigger islands too, such as Crete and Corfu with beautiful beach coves, archaeological sites, picturesque towns, and stunning boutique hotels. The Dodecanese islands are close to Türkiye and you can take a ferry from Rhodes or Kos to seaside cities like Bodrum for a multi-destination honeymoon. A honeymoon in Greece is full of endless island hopping opportunities.

There are direct flights from Athens to many of Europe’s major cities and during the summer you’ll find flights from many of the most popular islands,too. There are not too many destinations you can’t pair with a honeymoon in Greece for a magical European adventure. Can’t decide between the Amalfi Coast in Italy and Mykonos and Santorini? Then do both! 

Best time to visit Greece

The best time to visit Greece a honeymoon is from April to October when the weather is warm. From July to August the weather heats up with temperatures reaching up to 40°C / 100°F on the mainland, although the islands benefit from sea winds during the summer. During winter, it can be cooler with average temperatures in Athens of 10°C / 50°F (many tourist towns quieten down and some hotels and restaurants will shut).

Honeymoon in Greece | The Honeymoon Guide
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Is Greece good for a honeymoon? Yes, a honeymoon in Greece is ideal for a beach and island hopping honeymoon with lots of great food, culture and history.

How long do you need for a honeymoon in Greece? We recommend at least 10 -14 nights for a honeymoon in Greece if you plan to visit more than one place.

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