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Huge congratulations and how exciting! Don’t worry, you will get there! Make our start planning article your first stop. More often than not, checking out the weather in your dream destination(s), figuring out your budget and how long you want to travel for can help narrow things down.

The Honeymoon Guide is a work-in-progress! We initially launched in 2022 with over 40 destinations and we’re always adding more. We’re sorry if you didn’t find what you’re looking for, but check back again soon!

The Honeymoon Guide’s mission is to make honeymoon planning easy and for that reason, we have just included a snapshot of the world’s most fun, exciting, fascinating, and romantic destinations to help you get started without being overwhelmed with too much information!

If you’re looking to explore a destination further, check out our blogs or good old-fashioned publications like DK Eyewitness, Fodor’s, Rough Guide and Lonely Planet.

While the average length of a honeymoon is 2 weeks, your honeymoon can be whatever length of time you decide, whether it’s a long weekend or a long month! You can work out how long it should be here.

Like with everything wedding related, this is a personal thing. Over the years, we have seen honeymooners spend anything from € / $ / £ 2000 to € / $ / £ 30,000+.

As with life, you get what you pay for and we’ve never heard of anyone get on a plane and regret the money they spent. Make sure it’s affordable for you and a number you are both comfortable spending and that it’s a trip that is of good value for your hard-earned money.

In this insane, uncertain world we live in, political and civil unrest can happen anywhere. On top of this, we have the climate catastrophe. We’d strongly recommend checking your government’s travel advice (some links included below) and also checking what is covered with your travel insurance provider.

Do not travel to a destination where your government has warned against non-essential travel as this may void your travel insurance.

We are not a travel agent and can’t book your honeymoon. The Honeymoon Guide is a travel media website / blog.

Ok we’re biased (as a former travel agent founded The Honeymoon Guide!) but if you are not experienced travel planners, we recommend planning and booking your honeymoon with a licensed and bonded travel agent in your country.

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