Where To Honeymoon In August

Find the best honeymoon destinations in August with our round-up of the wonderful places you can visit!

Where to honeymoon in August | The Honeymoon Guide
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Are you planning an August wedding? Let us take you through all the extraordinary destinations for a magical August honeymoon!

Whatever your honeymoon variation or whatever you’re thinking of spending, whether you want a tropical beach honeymoon, a safari honeymoon, a road trip honeymoon, or a city honeymoon, we’ve got you covered.

Even if you are delaying your honeymoon, we’ve got the best honeymoon destinations in August below, so you know exactly where to honeymoon in August!

One word of warning: August coincides with school break/holidays in many regions, so we recommend booking early to get the best deals and availability for August honeymoon destinations.

Wondering where to honeymoon in August but also need to know about other months? Our handy weather page chart or discover a detailed breakdown of each month just like this one.

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Oceania / The South Pacific

Best August Honeymoon Destinations at a glance: Australia | French Polynesia | Fiji

For couples wondering where to honeymoon in August, the South Pacific paradise islands Fiji or French Polynesia should be on your list.

They’re two of the most beautiful destinations for an August honeymoon as it’s the dry season in the region.

It’s easy to see why French Polynesia’s beautiful island of Bora Bora is on many honeymoon bucket lists.

The overwater villa concept here in the 1960s and it continues to be a dream August honeymoon destination for many couples with magical romantic resorts.

Find out how to plan a honeymoon there with our Ultimate French Polynesia Honeymoon Guide. If you’re also thinking about the Maldives? We’ve got a handy comparison.

It is winter in Australia, so it can be cooler in the states of Victoria (around Melbourne) & South Australia (around Adelaide) and Western Australia (around Perth).

It’s a great time for winter sports in Victoria. However, for couples who are looking for warm weather and wondering where to honeymoon in August, Australia can stay on your wish list.

It’s a really pleasant time to visit the vast Northern Territory for sacred Uluru, the Red Centre and Darwin.

We love Queensland in winter and you will too, if you prefer to avoid the blistering temperatures of summer. In August you’ll find easy temperatures in the early 20s°C / 70s°F. 

It’s the middle of winter in New Zealand, so while it’s not the best time to visit for a road trip.

The weather is mild on the north island and colder on the south island (ideal for a winter sports honeymoon!).

aerial view of overwater villas in turquoise lagoon bora bora french polynesia honeymoon

Africa & Indian Ocean

Best August Honeymoon Destinations at a glance: Botswana | Kenya | Tanzania | Seychelles | Mozambique | Madagascar

Africa is one of the best honeymoon destinations to consider if you’re wondering where to honeymoon in August, as there are so many incredible safari honeymoon destinations.

Embark on a trip of a lifetime across the savannah on a Big 5 safari. It’s a wonderful month to visit national parks like the Serengeti in Tanzania and Maasai Mara in Kenya (both are incredible – see the unique differences between them).

One of the earth’s most incredible wildlife spectacles, the great migration, passes through the northern Serengeti in August. This is where 1.5 million wildebeest, zebra and gazelle are on the move through the savannah.

There are so many ways to see these magnificent honeymoon destinations in August. From basic campsites to ultra-luxury lodges.

Explore the Maasai Mara and Serengeti in landrover that turns into a hotel room or on a luxury fly-in safari.

You can finish up on some beautiful Indian Ocean beaches on Tanzania’s picturesque island of Zanzibar or Kenya’s Diani Beach or get off the beaten track in the Lamu archipelago.

It’s an ideal time to visit Botswana. Water levels in the Okavango Delta are high, meaning you’ll find some of the best safari tours in Africa.

The peak time for Victoria Falls is from March to May, but you can expect plenty of water falling over the precipice in August.

Devil’s Pool usually opens in the second half of the month for brave souls who want to swim at the edge of the waterfall cliff. Only dare devils need apply!

We love Namibia for a honeymoon road trip with a difference, and it’s one of our favourite recommendations for an August honeymoon.

The wildlife of Etosha National Park and the people of the Kalahari desert and the starry night sky will be unforgettable.

Climb the sand dunes of Sossusvlei and do a skydive in Swakopmund. Namibia is perfect for couples looking for unique honeymoon destinations in August.

South Africa is one of our all-time favourite honeymoon destinations.

It is cooler around Cape Town and the popular Garden Route road trip route, although many couples still plan an epic itinerary as it’s great value if you’re not seeking super hot temperatures and you don’t mind the odd rain shower.

It’s a great time to visit Kruger National Park in the northwest of the country. See the Big 5 in one of the best national parks in Africa!

There are also some more off-the-beaten track destinations worth considering, like Rwanda & Uganda for a gorilla trekking and safari honeymoon.

It’s also a good time of year to visit Madagascar and Mozambique, two truly off the beaten track destinations.

We’d recommend avoiding the north African countries like Morocco & Egypt at this time of year as the temperatures are extremely hot.

For couples wondering where to honeymoon in August. We’ve got good news!

The paradise islands of the Seychelles are perfect for an August honeymoon. Go island hopping through this slice of heaven on earth.

Explore the best beaches in the world. Go scuba diving, snorkelling, hiking and see giant tortoises up close. Combine with a safari in Kenya or South Africa. Nairobi and Johannesburg have direct flights.

Find out more with our guide to Seychelles!

Its winter in Mauritius with pleasant temperatures (around early 20s°C / 70s°F) and ideal if you don’t like it too hot. Opt to stay on the northwest/west coast to avoid the Indian Ocean trade winds of the season.

There are some wonderful honeymoon hotels in Mauritius. You can learn more about this beautiful honeymoon destination with our guide to Mauritius.

The Maldives experiences wet season from May to October, although it experiences plenty of sunny days during this time too.

Many couples still go as it’s a good time of year to find value. Just be forewarned that you might experience some showers, thunderstorms or overcast days or you could get lucky and have nothing but sunshine too!

We’re nothing less than obsessed with the Maldives. The powdery sand, the azure Indian Ocean – find out how to plan the perfect Maldives honeymoon with our guide to Maldives. You can see our list of favourite Maldives honeymoon resorts.

Don’t want to risk the rain? Discover some Maldives alternatives.

If you’re wondering about Maldives, Seychelles and Mauritius? They may look similar, but they’re actually quite different. We’ve got the lowdown so you can make the right decision.

lion safari honeymoon tanzania

South America

Best August Honeymoon Destinations at a glance: Peru | Colombia | Ecuador

Although it is winter, it’s still a great time to visit many honeymoon destinations in August in the Southern Hemisphere.

So if you’re wondering where to honeymoon in August, add this magnificently diverse continent to your wishlist.

If you’ve had the iconic Inca Trail on your bucket list, August is one of the best times to do it (book early as there are limited permits issued for each month).

In fact, Peru is a wonderful August honeymoon destination. Explore the Amazon Rainforest, Arequipa and the Nazca Lines, there is so much to see and do in Peru.

From Lake Titicaca and Puno, head over the Andes into La Paz in Bolivia and down through the Uyuni Salt Flats to Salta in Argentina – a great route for intrepid honeymoon adventure seekers with more time.

Ecuador is also a great destination for an adventure honeymoon. Hop over to the Galapagos Islands, a year-round destination and August is one of the less humid months to visit.

We love Colombia for a mix of adventure and beach. Visit Medellín and Bogota. The climate conditions are diverse in the country.

Brazil may not be a busy as high summer but the weather is pleasant in Rio de Janeiro and the conditions are dry in the Amazon rainforest.

In Argentina it is wintertime and bitterly cold in Patagonia, so not ideal unless you want to go skiing.

However, you can still experience the highlights of Buenos Aires and the beautiful Iguazu Falls. You could also pop to Brazil from Iguazu Falls, too, making an easy South America multi-destination honeymoon.

aerial view of Machu Picchu Peru Honeymoon

North America, Central America & Caribbean

Best August Honeymoon Destinations at a glance: USA | Canada

Although you’re wondering where to honeymoon in August, you probably already know it is the peak time to visit North America!

There are many minimoon or micro honeymoon options, too. As it is one of the busiest months for travel across the continent, expect the tourist hotspots to be busy.

In recent years, we’ve seen extreme climate catastrophes such as forest fires and heatwaves. If you can wait until September, it can be a better, less busy time to travel.

But what can you do? You could take a romantic road trip through Canada.

The majestic mountains and lakes of the Canadian Rockies are perfect for an August honeymoon. Stop by Banff and Jasper. Make some time for Vancouver Island.

Hop on a cruise to Alaska from Vancouver. The Inside Passage is one of the most scenic places in the world, perfect for an August honeymoon.

Explore the east coast cities of Toronto and Montreal. Zipline to Niagara Falls.

You’ve many epic honeymoon road trip options in the USA too.

California‘s Pacific Coast Highway 1 is forever popular, and it’s easy to see why.

Start in San Francisco with side trips to Napa Valley and Yosemite National Park before heading down the coastal drive from Monterey and Carmel via Big Sur to Cambria and Pismo Beach to Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and San Diego.

Some couples will head to Las Vegas via Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park but beware that the desert it hot in August.

It’s also a wonderful time to visit heavenly Hawaii – one of the world’s most iconic honeymoon destinations in August.

Check out our Hawaii Honeymoon Guide for all you need to know about the magical beaches, active volcanos and stunning hikes. Or already know what islands you’d like to visit? Then check our our Maui Island Guide, Kauai Island Guide and Oahu Island Guide.

From picturesque New England to the open expanses of the Mid West, we’ve got ideas for every state if you need more inspiration.

Stopover in one of the east coast cities like New York, Washington or Boston.

It is hurricane season in the Caribbean and around the coastal southern US states like Florida. Adverse weather can happen at this time of year, although it is not a given either!

Many couples still travel to this part of the world in August but it comes with a little of risk.

There are countries in the southern Caribbean like Aruba and Barbados that rarely experience hurricanes.

If you decide you’re not too worried about the weather, from Cuba, Jamaica, Antigua, Saint Lucia, the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos to the Dominican Republic, you are spoiled for choice.

Stunning beaches, divine hotels and unique island culture are just waiting to be explored.

It’s also the rainy season in Central America. While there are better times to visit honeymoon destinations like Costa Rica and Belize, many adventure seekers still travel there.

Costa Rica has some beautifully unique hotels. Explore everything you need to know about Costa Rica honeymoons.

It is the rainy season in Mexico‘s beautiful Riviera Maya and on the Pacific Coast, although Mexico usually avoids extreme weather, so many couples still travel there on an August honeymoon.

There are some beautiful five-star, all-inclusive places to stay, like Secrets Resorts. However, you might see some rain showers and thunderstorms.

Consider a heavenly cruise honeymoon. This is a great way to get a taste of the Caribbean and there are some beautiful ships to choose from.

Check out our best honeymoon cruises.

The Caribbean islands and Mexico are still popular despite the unpredictability of the weather. You may go and barely see a cloud in the sky!

venice beach los angeles california usa


Best August Honeymoon Destinations at a glance: the entire continent

For couples wondering where to honeymoon in August, it’s peak time for Europe.

If you can wait, Europe is better in September as crowds dissipate a little after the school holidays.

If an August honeymoon is a must, just remember, it is one of the busiest months for travel across the continent, so expect the tourist hotspots to be busy. It can also get extremely hot in Southern Europe, with recent years seeing oppressive heatwaves.

Despite the crowds, there are many magnificent honeymoon and micromoon destinations and a vast array of exciting multi-centre combinations.

Island-hop in Greece, Santorini is one of the most beloved honeymoon destinations in Europe.

The picturesque cliff top villages and towns, the vineyards, restaurants and stunning hotels with magical views are irresistible.

Nearby Mykonos is a slice of heaven, too, with beautiful hotels to choose from.

There are other off the beaten track islands to explore, too. Greece is one of our favourite August honeymoon destinations.

We love Spain, too. Discover sandy beach coves in the Balearic islands like Mallorca and Menorca and dance the night away in Ibiza.

Explore the tapas bars, architecture and museums of Madrid, Barcelona & Seville.

Take a foodie tour of Portugal. The beautiful cities of Lisbon and Porto are a must and and you hop over to the ‘Hawaii of Europe’, the Azores islands.

Sail the south of France. The French Riviera has some beautiful towns like Antibes and Èze.

Explore magical Italy – the food, architecture, scenery, history and culture are unparalleled in this European jewel.

From Puglia to the iconic Amalfi Coast to Tuscany to Lake Garda and Lake Como – there are so many beautiful Italian honeymoon itineraries. Choose between Milan, Venice, Verona and don’t miss Florence.

Explore all the highlights of the Eternal City of Rome. You’ll definitely need to book an anniversary trip, too!

Take a road trip through Ireland‘s Wild Atlantic Way or visit Scotland, England & Wales. Take Belmond’s Venice Simplon-Orient-Express from the streets of Paris to the legendary canals of Venice.

We love Iceland in summer for a unique and romantic road trip on the Ring Road.

Explore Scandinavia and the Baltic capitals like Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki. See the Norwegian Fjords by cruise.

Switzerland‘s Alpine hills and Germany‘s Bavarian castles are super romantic, too. Take a bike tour in the Netherlands, Amsterdam is one of Europe’s prettiest cities with canals and unique architecture.

If you’ve already explored the other Mediterranean coast destinations and you’re wondering where to honeymoon in August, Croatia is fantastic.

With beautiful cities like Dubrovnik and islands like Hvar, Brač, and Korčula – it’s one of the best honeymoon destinations in August.

Get off the beaten track in Montenegro and Slovenia or choose to explore Turkey, the beaches resorts are excellent value.

With an August honeymoon in Europe, it really is a case of so much to do, so little time!

split croatia honeymoon

Asia & Middle East

Best August Honeymoon Destinations at a glance: Indonesia & Bali

For couples thinking about where to honeymoon in August, it’s important to note that the monsoon season has arrived in many parts of Asia, so if you’re not used to humid weather, it can be uncomfortable.

Rain and humidity in will vary in strength in some of our favourite destinations.

While many couples still travel, there are better times to visit many of our favourites, like Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, India, Bhutan, Nepal, China, Japan, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

However, it is an excellent time to visit Indonesia – explore the beaches, nightlife, culture and history of one of our favourite August honeymoon destinations, Bali.

Treat yourselves by splashing out on a luxury hotel with a floating breakfast in a private pool. It’s one of the most affordable destinations for a honeymoon in August, too.

Discover why we’re obsessed with Bali with our handy honeymoon guide.

Make time for other parts of Indonesia’s thousands of islands. Whether it’s the nearby Gili Islands or Java and Flores. There are so many islands to explore.

Add on Singapore for a multi-destination honeymoon. This tiny city-state is packed full of things to do on August honeymoon.

Explore the culinary highlights, including Michelin star restaurants and street food. Have a Singapore Sling at Raffles, visit a theme park and stay at the famed Marina Bay Sands so you can access the incredible rooftop pool!

It’s hot and dry in the Gulf states of Oman & United Arab Emirates and other Middle East countries like Jordan, so we would recommend choosing another time of year for these romantic desert jewels.

However, Dubai is a big airport hub, so if you are travelling through to somewhere else and want to stopover for a few days, there are plenty of indoor pursuits like the Museum of the Future, Ski Dubai and afternoon tea at Burj Al Arab.

Plus, you can book one of the many luxury hotels. Maybe opt for an option with a stunning rooftop pool to cool off.

Find out more with our Ultimate Dubai Honeymoon Guide.

Lempuyang Temple Bali Honeymoon in Indonesia

Where To Honeymoon In August Summary

In conclusion, the following is a list of where to honeymoon in August:

Thanks for reading our ‘where to honeymoon in August’ article. Are you planning a honeymoon in August? Let us know in the comments which August honeymoon destinations you’re considering!

We endeavour to provide accurate climate information on the best honeymoon destinations in August. However, as the weather around the world becomes more erratic and unpredictable because of the climate catastrophe, The Honeymoon Guide is not responsible for disappointment regarding your trip because of adverse weather.

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