Honeymoon in French Polynesia

With islands like Bora Bora, a honeymoon in French Polynesia is the stuff dreams are made of…

Honeymoon in French Polynesia | The Honeymoon Guide
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A honeymoon in French Polynesia is a captivating wonderland. This Pacific Ocean destination has seduced honeymooners with its remote location and ultimate Polynesian paradise vibe since the 1960s – the overwater villa started here after all.

A honeymoon in French Polynesia is ideal for island hopping. Although there are 118 islands and atolls stretching across an area the size of Europe, most couples will head for the Society Islands. 

Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia and serves as the capital of this South Pacific country. Therefore, many people call these islands Tahiti! Couples will usually begin their honeymoon in French Polynesia by fling into Papeete Airport. Although Tahiti may not be as impressive as some of the other islands in French Polynesia, it is worth taking a couple of days to explore. Visit Tahiti Museum to learn about Polynesian culture history. Go whale watching and hike to Fautaua waterfall. Marvel at Mount Orohena, Tahiti’s highest peak. Don’t forget to try Poisson Cru (raw fish marinated in coconut milk) and fried plantains! 

Just a short distance away from Tahiti lies the heavenly island of Moorea. This blissful island is ideal for hiking and biking. Go snorkelling and diving and take a sunset cruise. Take advantage of Moorea’s many hiking trails or hop on a glass-bottom boat tour to see the coral reef beneath the surface of the water.

Of course, the most desirable island and the reason couples choose a honeymoon in French Polynesia is a tropical wonderland that needs no introduction: Bora Bora. This paradise on earth, the Pearl of the South Pacific, is one of the world’s most remote honeymoon destinations. It takes a 50-minute flight from Tahiti and Moorea to get there. In these alluring islands and islets, with the verdant volcanic Mount Otemanu as a backdrop, you’ll discover white sand, swaying palm trees and azure lagoons with coral reefs. Spend your days relaxing by the lagoon or jet skiing, diving and snorkelling. Expect to eat lots of seafood and one of the primary ingredients in local cooking is Tahitian Vanilla. The luxury resorts are usually on their own private island or islet (also known as a ‘motu’). Stay in an overwater bungalow, the honeymoon dream.

There are other more rustic island groups, such as the Tuamotu atolls, the Austral Islands and the Marquesas, for intrepid honeymoon explorers. An island hop is essential when you’re travelling all that way to honeymoon in French Polynesia. It’s one of the world’s greatest paradises. You can also see the islands on a cruise. A honeymoon in French Polynesia will be extraordinary!

Create a stunning multi destination honeymoon by combining a honeymoon in French Polynesia with the USA as there are direct flights from Los Angeles, San Francisco or Honolulu in Hawaii. New Zealand is also just 5-hours away. A romantic honeymoon road trip in California or New Zealand combined with a week in Bora Bora is one of our favourite dream honeymoon ideas!

Want to dive deeper into planning a honeymoon in French Polynesia? Check out our Ultimate French Polynesia Honeymoon Guide, which has everything you need to know to plan a honeymoon to this Pacific paradise.


Best time to go

A tropical destination that doesn’t experience winter, the best time to visit French Polynesia for a honeymoon is during the dry season from May to October, although outside of these months is usually fine too. It gets a bit more humid from December to March. The shoulder months of April and November are a good time to visit, too.

Honeymoon in French Polynesia | The Honeymoon Guide
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Is French Polynesia good for a honeymoon? Yes, a honeymoon in French Polynesia is perfect if you’re looking for the ultimate in tropical beach paradises. These are some of the most romantic islands in the world.

How long do you need for a honeymoon in French Polynesia? Because of its remote location, we recommend at least 10 nights for a honeymoon in French Polynesia.

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