Ocean & Sea Honeymoon Cruises​

Bucket-list destinations, fabulous food and a whole lot of fun on the open sea await on a cruise honeymoon…

Ocean & Sea Cruise Honeymoon | The Honeymoon Guide
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A voyage on the high seas on a luxury ocean liner, with beautiful surroundings, extensive dining options, beautiful spas, and sailing into a lot of magical ports. A cruise honeymoon is a wonderful way to celebrate getting married.

When you’re planning a cruise honeymoon, there are many stunning options. You may opt for idyllic Caribbean beaches like those in Barbados and Mexico or Europe’s ancient Mediterranean towns and cities in Spain, France, Greece & Italy or the fascinating Baltic cities like Copenhagen and St. Petersburg or the Pacific Ocean paradises of Hawaii or French Polynesia.

These are just a few of the magical places you can visit. There are few open seas or oceans that you can’t cruise. Opt for the wilds of Alaska, a bucket list trip around Australia & New Zealand, the magnificent Norwegian Fjords, the fascinating coast of Asia, an Arabian adventure from Dubai or the glamour of a Transatlantic journey from Europe to the Americas. Cruises will include meals and your cabin as standard.

The Honeymoon Guide recommends at least a window cabin for your cruise honeymoon, but a balcony will give you a bit more space (if affordable for you both). Some cruises include alcoholic drinks as standard, although even those that won’t usually allow you to add on a drinks package to make your cruise all-inclusive. Some include shore excursions, but often these are optional extras. Onboard discover luxury spas, Broadway-style shows, beautiful bars & pubs and other entertainment. Some cruise lines with larger ships (for example Royal Caribbean and NCL) attract a mix of couples, friends and families (with ample adult-only areas),

The Honeymoon Guide loves the mix of fun activities with the large choice of dining that you can experience on these huge ocean liners. Some of the more luxurious cruise lines in the world (for example Silversea and Azamara) attract a more mature crowd, but if like The Honeymoon Guide, you think age is just a number you can expect incredible dining and unique destinations on these smaller ships.

Want to dive deeper into planning a cruise honeymoon? Check out some of our best honeymoon cruises with some of our favourite cruise lines and routes.

Best time to cruise

You know how they say ‘it’s cocktail hour somewhere’, it’s always cruise time somewhere!

The best time to cruise is whenever you want. Cruises in many destinations are seasonal and ships don’t sail when there is a risk of adverse weather.

However, while Caribbean cruises sail all year round, the best time to cruise the Caribbean is from November to June. The Mediterranean and Baltic are colder in winter, so the best time to cruise Europe is from May to October. May to September is the best time to cruise Alaska. For Australia and New Zealand, October to March is ideal and the best time to cruise Asia is October to May.

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Are cruises good for honeymoon? Yes, cruise honeymoons are ideal for a dash of sightseeing, food and culture. There are so many beautiful options to choose from.

How long do you need for a cruise honeymoon? We recommend at least 7 nights for a cruise honeymoon.

Best for

What to do on a cruise honeymoon

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