Honeymoon in Brazil

Dazzling beaches, wild parties, musicality, diverse ecosystems, magical landscapes, complicated, fun, iconic – a honeymoon in Brazil will be full of adventure…

Honeymoon in Brazil | The Honeymoon Guide
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A honeymoon in Brazil is perfect for a diverse journey of a lifetime. Football, Carnival, beaches, dancing, the Amazon – it’s one of our favourite countries in South America. Whether you want to focus your honeymoon on beaches, cities, wildlife. Brazil has it all.

Even just a few days of partaking in the seductive delights of Rio de Janeiro will make you fall in love with this country. Admire the electric life on Copacabana beach and Ipanema beach. The beauty of not only the world’s most famous beaches, but this diverse nation is on display. Stay in a hotel with a rooftop pool. Sip on a caipirinha cocktails on the beach (and stock up on cachaça before you go home.) You might need some açai berry smoothies to recover.

The views of Christ De Redeemer are outstanding. Take the Sugar Loaf cable car. Enjoy Santa Teresa, the interesting artist-enclave in the hills. Spend a night in Armazém São Thiago (aka Bar do Gomez) chatting to locals. Visit a favela and support their economy and learn about life there. Take a romantic stroll through Jardim Botânico. Try an authentic all-you-can-eat churrascaria (barbeque) restaurant. Don’t forget to plan a night out with Cariocas in Lapa where people spill out onto the streets dancing to Samba bands. If you can travel in February, experience Carnival, one of the best parties on earth.

Get outside the city to nearby beach areas of the Costa Verde or ‘The Emerald Coast’. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site town of Paraty with its preserved Portuguese architecture. Don’t miss the beautiful island, Ilha Grande. One of the last pristine areas of Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforest. Take a hike to Lopes Mendes Beach – regularly listed on the best beaches in the world. Enjoy the lush Atlantic rainforest surrounds and the warm Atlantic waters.

Alternatively, go north of Rio to beautiful Armação dos Búzios or just Buzios – this is where many Rio residents will go when they want to escape the city. Further south is Florianopolis, or as locals call it, Floripa, is located in the island state of Santa Catarina. You’ll find spots to suit every couple from quieter beaches to Ibiza and Bali like vibes. 

Travel to the Pantanal, the largest floodplain on the planet, and a haven for birds and other incredible wildlife like Jaguars and Yacare Caimans. Fly to Manaus, the jump-off point for the Amazon River, check in to a lodge on the banks of the river and explore the flora and fauna of the crucial Amazon rainforest eco system. Witness an incredible display of wildlife and birdlife – parrots, toucans, alligators, spiders, ants, sloths and monkeys. If you can take a night safari.

Got off the beaten track in north Brazil. Take a hop to the coast of Praia do Forte via a stopover in the lively and unmissable Afro city of Salvador. Jericoacoara and Guajiru are near Fortaleza for some of the Atlantic’s wild sand beaches with huge sand dunes and crashing waves. Explore the history of beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Towns like Olinda. Visit the white sand dunes in Lençois Maranhenses National Park. Take a flight from Recife to Fernando de Noronha.

No trip is complete without a trip to Iguaçu / Iguazu Falls — one of the world’s most magnificent waterfalls on the border of Argentina and Paraguay. Fly to Foz do Iguaçu and visit the Brazilian side before heading over the border to Puerto Iguazú on the Argentinian side. Both sides are worth the trip. Take a boat trip near the spray (bring spare clothes!). Travelling over the border to Argentina and spending some time in this other giant of the Americas is a convenient way to create an incredible multi-destination honeymoon.

While many couples might overlook São Paulo, South America’s largest city has plenty for lovers of culture and food. It’s also one of the best hubs to get to other destinations in Brazil and the other South American countries. There are direct flights from Europe, the Middle East and North America. If you’ve more time, add on Peru or Colombia. Brazil alone, however, will be a magnificent adventure.Stay

Best time to visit Brazil

Because of the varying climate conditions across the country, Brazil can be visited all year round. The warmest months are from November to March, but even in winter, you can expect balmy conditions. The best time to visit the Amazon is during the dry season (July to December) when water levels are low and hiking trails are excellent for explorers. Though during the rainy season (January to June), the weather is mild, and there is a better chance of spotting animals.

Honeymoon in Brazil | The Honeymoon Guide
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Is Brazil good for a honeymoon? Yes, a honeymoon in Brazil is perfect for a diverse adventure.

How long do you need for a honeymoon in Brazil? We recommend at least 14-21 nights for a honeymoon in Brazil.

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