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An icon of our time, from Alaska to Florida, California to Maine, Montana to Texas, this giant of popular culture is a melting pot of humanity with some of the most diverse landscapes. All of this awaits on a honeymoon in the USA…

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A honeymoon in the USA means endless possibilities! California is an all-time classic. The Pacific Coast Highway road trip from San Francisco to San Diego is a quintessential USA honeymoon with detours to wineries in Napa, national parks like Yosemite and endless sunsets as redwoods turn to palm trees. Bookend with a stop in sin city, Las Vegas (don’t miss the Grand Canyon!).

Hop across the Pacific Ocean to beautiful Hawaii for island-hopping with verdant rainforest, surfing beaches and proud Hawaiian people and Pacific Ocean culture.

We also love the world’s ultimate road trip, historic Route 66 – pure nostalgia from Chicago to Los Angeles. Explore the rhythm & blues and complicated history of the Deep South from New Orleans to Memphis to Nashville. Learn about the fight for racial justice and immerse yourself in the roots of popular music.

Or maybe theme parks are your thing? With thrilling rides to be found at Universal and Disney in Orlando, Florida. Take a car afterwards and explore the Latin vibes of Miami and drive down the Florida Keys for white sandy beaches or maybe take a cruise on the biggest ocean liners.

You can also get off the beaten track in the wilds of the Northern States from Montana and Wyoming to the Dakotas. The great north-eastern cities of New York, Washington, Boston and Chicago and the surrounding areas are also a fantastic alternative honeymoon – visit quaint towns, eat lobster, and go whale watching. You can explore the arid landscapes of Arizona and New Mexico and cruise Alaska and explore some of the finest national parks like Yellow Stone.

The hardest part is choosing your own American dream…!


Because of the varying climates across the country, the USA is a year-round destination depending on what you want to see and do. Some parts, such as the northern states, experience bitter temperatures during the winter months from November to February. Hurricanes can affect the coastal southern states, including Florida – the season is from May to early November with the riskiest months being August, September and October. Overall, the best time to visit the USA for a honeymoon is from April to May, before the peak summer months.


Is the USA good for a honeymoon? Yes, the USA is one of the most diverse honeymoon destinations on earth.

How long do you need for a honeymoon in the USA? We recommend at least 10-14 nights to explore at least one region.

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