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How to have a sustainable, eco friendly honeymoon

As many couples are opting to make their wedding as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible, having a green wedding is a trend that is here to stay. It is possible to make mindful choices and have a sustainable eco friendly honeymoon too!
How to have a sustainable, eco friendly honeymoon | The Honeymoon Guide

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If (like us!) you’re concerned about what we are doing to our beautiful planet and sustainable travel is important to you, let’s go through our top tips for an eco friendly honeymoon. Let us help you reduce the environmental impact of your trip!

Keep it local and make it worthwhile!

Ok so we don’t think you have to stick with a staycation to have an eco friendly honeymoon. However, going to destinations near your own country can save on air travel pollution. Live in Europe? Then consider one of the enchanting European or Middle East destinations. Live in Australia? The incredible destinations of Asia and the Pacific islands are (kinda!) right there. In the USA or Canada? The Caribbean and Central America are outstanding (you get the picture)!

Of course, many couples want to visit a new exotic destination in a faraway land, so if your dream destination is across the other side of the world, make it count and go for a longer period and maybe even take in another destination to make your honeymoon a multi-centre vacation.

As many destinations are breaking under the weight of overtourism, another thing to consider is choosing a sustainable honeymoon destination is a great idea (we’ve got some of our favourite destinations for sustainable tourism here).

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Air Travel

There are no sugar-coating things. Air travel is one of the worst instigators of the climate crisis! But we don’t want your honeymoon, this once-in-a-lifetime bucket list trip, to be racked with guilt. There are things you can do to make an eco friendly honeymoon with air travel. Consider an economy class or premium economy ticket over business or first class. Choose to fly directly where possible and consider choosing a company to carbon offset your flights.

One of our favourite ways to support the environment is by planting native trees in your country. Some of our favourites are TreeSisters (Global), Wolfgang Reforest (Ireland), Trees for Life (Scotland), Woodland Trust (England) and Reforest Now (Australia).

Where to sleep

For couples who want to make better eco friendly honeymoon choices, accommodation is where you have more power. The jury is out on private rentals vs hotels. Hotels support local jobs, whereas private rentals are playing a part in the housing crisis in many cities across the world.

Whatever you decide, simple things like reusing towels, and turning lights / TVs/ air conditioning off when you leave the room is a good idea. Booking.com has a feature where you can filter Travel Sustainable properties, for example. Look out for hotels that use local produce, shun plastic, support local charities and protect surrounding marine systems.

Pack mindfully

Choose environmentally friendly toiletries such as bamboo toothbrushes and reusable cotton pads. Packing refillable water bottlesreusable strawsmenstrual cups, and reef-friendly sunscreens are all solid choices. Choose high-quality luggage that will last you for years. Of course, it’s so nice to have some new things for your honeymoon but maybe reconsider that huge fast fashion haul and choose to buy clothing that may last you a few anniversary holidays at least! Invest in timeless, like-new pieces from re-sellers like Vestiare CollectiveDepop and eBay for a stylish eco friendly honeymoon.



Getting around

Here at The Honeymoon Guide, we absolutely adore rail travel (see our most romantic train journeys for honeymoon here). Getting around on public trains is a wonderful way to experience a destination and rail journeys are a simple choice for an eco friendly honeymoon. Airport-city trains are often more convenient (and cheaper!). Travelling by group may not be for couples who want privacy and exclusivity. However, if you’re thinking of some adventure travel as part of your honeymoon, tour companies like G Adventures are a great option. They care about the impact their guests have and can be a great way to pack lots in. You get to support local communities while having a wonderful life-changing travel experience.


While we don’t judge any couple who want to see some of the tourist highlights around the world on their honeymoon, we love to recommend unique tours with local guides in addition to doing the more typical tourist spots. Local guides will often be able to show you off-the-beaten path sites. Plus, they can tell you all about their community so that you have an even better appreciation for your chosen honeymoon destination. You support local jobs by taking this route. You may even pick up some insider tips, like the latest restaurants or bars that you can’t find online.

Consider taking a food tour, walking tour or a cycling tour. This is a fantastic, low-carbon way to make an eco friendly honeymoon! Check out our friends at GetYourGuide.com who have many tours with local guides.

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Eating & drinking

A little research into where to dine and what to eat can enrich your honeymoon experience. Eating local cuisine is not only better for the environment but you are supporting local growers and fishers in your destination. The quality of the food is higher. You may even discover something new you can recreate at home, so in years to come will take you back to your newly wedded bliss!

Take a cooking class, usually operated by small businesses, is a great way to enrich your honeymoon.

Shop consciously

During your honeymoon, you may find yourself on the hunt for souvenirs or gifts for friends and family back home (or just wanting to buy some nice things for each other. Buying locally made goods has such a tremendous impact on the local economy, supporting small businesses and communities. Seek beauty products and food items from local creators and growers and handmade souvenirs and clothes, jewellery, homeware from local designers. Look up the best local markets before you go. This is a great way to support small businesses in the area while getting unique goods that are made for an eco friendly honeymoon, too! 

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Most tourists are much savvier these days. Being conscious of your interactions with wildlife is so important for not only an eco friendly honeymoon but to protect our majestic animals.

Never ride an elephant, or swim with enclosed dolphins. A little research can really go a long way. It’s important to support conservation efforts. Safari lodges and national parks are at the forefront of preventing poaching and habitat destruction. Your tourist dollars and how they’re spent is so important!

We really hope this information is useful as you plan this trip of a lifetime! Let us know in the comments if sustainability is important to you! If you’ve picked up more tips while wedding and honeymoon planning, we’d love to hear them!

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Happy Planning x

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