Honeymoon in Iceland

Geysers, lagoons, waterfalls and volcanos – a honeymoon in Iceland is perfect for adventure seekers…

iceland the honeymoon guide
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The land of ice and fire, a honeymoon in Iceland will leave you in awe of its otherworldly beauty. Many couples will head straight for Reykjavík with a detour from the airport to the Blue Lagoon before you even check into your hotel.

This compact, friendly capital is compact enough to explore in a couple of days with many highlights like the Golden Circle tour accessible on a day trip.

A road trip in summer along the Ring Road will take you to the far corners of this unique island with moon-like landscapes, mesmerising waterfalls, idyllic villages and black sand beaches.

The Aurora Borealis, aka the Northern Lights, which are on many bucket lists are usually visible from October to April. The weather can affect your chances of seeing them, so always book your tour for the first night of your trip so you have more chance of seeing this greenish-yellow wonder.

Iceland is the perfect alternative honeymoon for couples who don’t want a tropical beach!


The best time to visit Iceland for a winter honeymoon, including the Northern Lights, is from October to April when the days are short and the temperatures are cold. Summer is from June to September, although expect cold weather with average temperatures in Reykjavik of 10°C / 50°F. Rainfall can be expected all year round.


Is Iceland good for a honeymoon? Yes, it’s perfect for an adventure honeymoon with a difference

How long do you need for a honeymoon in Iceland? We recommend at least 7-10 nights.

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