Where to honeymoon in September

Where to honeymoon in September? Find the best honeymoon destinations in September with our breakdown of all you need to know.
Where to honeymoon in September | The Honeymoon Guide

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Are you planning a September wedding? We’ve got all the magical destinations for a wonderful September honeymoon! Whether you want a safari honeymoon, a tropical beach honeymoon, a road trip honeymoon, or a city honeymoon, we’ve got all the top destinations below, so you know where to honeymoon in September!


It’s the start of spring in Australia which we think is the best season to travel there. While it is still cooler in the southern cities of Melbourne & Adelaide, it’s warming up to comfortable temperatures in Sydney and Perth and its dry season in Queensland and the Northern Territory (to visit the incredible Uluru).

It’s also a perfect time to visit one of the earth’s great paradises in the South Pacific, French Polynesia – home to the iconic island of Bora Bora – stay at the romantic Four Seasons Resort. It’s also the dry season in Fiji.

New Zealand is still good for a winter sports honeymoon, but as the month goes along, spring arrives with longer nights and fresh spring temperatures.

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Africa & Indian Ocean

Africa is one of our favourite continents for a honeymoon in September. It’s a beautiful time to visit South Africa, one of the most diverse countries on earth, for a honeymoon. Take a trip down the Garden Route, visit the beautiful wine regions around Franschhoek, spot humpback whales in Hermanus and then hop to Kruger National Park.

You can then go onwards to Mauritius, which is just coming out of winter. You can also add on Seychelles, one of the best months for a tropical beach island hop. We love these destinations in their own right too. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Mauritius and Ultimate Guide to Seychelles to dive deeper into these paradise honeymoon islands with the best beaches in the world.

It’s also an ideal time for an epic safari and beach honeymoon in Tanzania and Kenya (find out more about the difference between them here). The magnificent Great Wildebeests migration passes through the Masaai Mara in September and it’s still a wonderful time to visit Serengeti National Park.

It’s a great time to visit Namibia for an off-the-beaten-track adventure road trip. Explore Etosha National Park, the Skeleton Coast and the Kalahari desert.

Botswana is one of the best safari destinations in the world – Okavango Delta and Choose National Park. Although the waters are starting to get lower at Victoria Falls, which is often combined with Botswana. We’d recommend concentrating on the Zimbabwean side. You can also swim in Devil’s Pool (if you dare!).

September is one of the Maldives’ wettest months, so it is a little riskier to travel at this time. Half the month experiences some rainy days. Consider other Indian Ocean destinations instead – we’ve got the lowdown about the differences between Maldives, Seychelles and Mauritius here.

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South America

Spring arrives in the southern hemisphere, making it a lovely time to visit Brazil. The weather is perfect in Rio de Janeiro and you’ll find dry conditions in the Amazon rainforest.

While it’s still cooler in southern Argentina, September is a lovely time to visit Buenos Aires, the wine regions of Mendoza and the canyon country around Salta.

It’s also a perfect time to trek the iconic Inca Trail in Peru and Ecuador is also a great destination for an adventure honeymoon. The Galapagos Islands are a year-round destination.

Colombia has a diverse climate system so there is no bad time to visit, although you could expect showers in some areas.

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North AmericaCentral America & Caribbean

September is one of our favourite times to visit North America, as the peak summer crowds have abated. Looking for an epic road trip? Then consider Canada, a drive through the Rockies will be unforgettable. It’s still a great month to cruise Alaska too.

Although it’s coming into the riskiest time for hurricanes in the southern states of the USA around the Gulf of Mexico and some Caribbean islands. The weather is unpredictable at this time, however many couples travel without issue and you’ll often find great deals on Caribbean cruises. Some islands like Barbados & Aruba in the southern Caribbean rarely experience hurricanes.

It can be rainy on the Caribbean side of Central American destinations like Costa Rica & Mexico with thunderstorms and showers, so consider the Pacific Coast instead.

The USA is ideal for a road trip and city stop. California is a perennial classic – start in San Francisco and head down the Pacific Coast Highway before swinging eastwards to Las Vegas. Hawaii is perfect for a magical island hop – check out our Ultimate Hawaii Honeymoon Guide.

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The crowds also somewhat abate in September as European families start the term of the school year. The weather is usually perfect everywhere.

So many wonderful destinations. Island hop in Greece. Take a trip down the Amalfi Coast, visit Lake Como or Lake Garda. and drive through the rolling hills of Tuscany in Italy.

Visit the south of France or island hop in Croatia. Explore the beaches of Portugal’s Algarve region and relax in the beautiful capital, Lisbon. Take a city hop through Spain before finishing up in the Balearic Islands of Ibiza or Mallorca .

Take a road trip around Ireland and Britain. Morocco is easily accessible from Europe and starts to cool down in September.

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Middle East & Asia

While it is the rainy season in Thailand & Vietnam, it’s a wonderful time to visit Japan and China – perfect for culture vultures who want an adventure honeymoon. It’s also still a great time for Indonesia and, in particular, Bali, one of the world’s top honeymoon destinations. Sri Lanka also experiences a partial dry season.

The sweltering temperatures begin to drop in the Middle East, so if you like hot weather, it’s a great time to visit the UAE, Oman, Jordan and Turkey

Are you planning a honeymoon in September? Let us know in the comments where you’re thinking of going!

We endeavour to provide accurate climate information. However, as the weather around the world becomes more erratic and unpredictable because of the climate catastrophe, The Honeymoon Guide is not responsible for disappointment regarding your trip because of adverse weather.

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