For many couples, a honeymoon is a once in a lifetime trip, a chance to do something really special.

You’re probably spending hours, days and weeks consumed by the wedding, ensuring you (and your loved ones!) have the best day ever. The honeymoon is about you two, the reward for all saving, planning (and maybe even stressing!).

The Honeymoon Guide has helped hundreds of couples plan their honeymoon, so we’ve learned a thing or two. Here are some of our honeymoon planning tips, the things to think about and discuss over wine/coffee/water so you can get started on a stress-free, super-fun honeymoon planning journey…

What's important?

Social media pressure to pick the Maldives, friends telling you it has to be Bali, maybe one of you wants to relax on an exotic beach while the other wants to scale the highest mountain?  Our number one honeymoon planning tip is to sit down and visualise yourself in your happy place, this will help get you thinking about what’s important to you. Maybe you’re a beach lover or a city person or a wildlife lover, what would be your idea of the perfect trip, the do-before-i-die. If your ideas as a couple are different, there are perfect multi-centre options to incorporate both your dreams (if they’re different!) into one reality. If you love wildlife and they love beaches then there is no reason not to do both! Use our destination pages for ideas. One big question to answer is how much time you’ll spend relaxing vs adventure and action. For many couples, the honeymoon is an opportunity to tick off some of their bucket-list however planning a wedding often means one of the busiest times of your life so make time to relax and enjoy each other – we recommend bookending your trip with some time to relax – whatever that means to you!

To wait or
not to wait...

Our research shows that half of our surveyed couples now wait for a while after their actual wedding date to go on their honeymoon. There are many reasons, not least financial. It could be that it’s not an ideal time to visit your dream destination (see weather considerations below) or, because of annual leave. Waiting also means getting in that extra trip, a Minimoon (that means two trips – what’s not to love about that!). Over the years, The Honeymoon Guide has found that couples never regret waiting a little while as it gives you a chance to regroup after the wedding and have a second big event to look forward to.

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Weather considerations

You can never predict the weather and when it’s summer in Europe it can be monsoon, hurricane season or winter elsewhere! So, before you commit to that dream destination on that ideal date, take a look at our month to month chart or the climate/weather section in your dream destination, this may prevent you from having to deal with an extreme weather event on your trip of a lifetime.

Planning early

From being able to set your budget to getting the best deal, there are so many benefits to planning and booking early. It’s never too early to get planning! Many flight schedules are released around 11 months before departure (and some low-cost airlines even earlier). If you’re travelling during school breaks, book as early as possible as airline fares tend to swing upwards – 10 to 11 months before is a good rule of thumb. For those more flexible with dates, at least 6 months before is ideal but the earlier the better.

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How much?

Maximoon or Minimoon, how long is a piece of string! How much to spend on your honeymoon is the most personal thing. There is no right or wrong answer! For one couple a weekend of unadulterated luxury is a perfect honeymoon, for others, it will be a month backpacking, If you’re unsure what figure to put in your wedding planner/spreadsheet, get researching well in advance and once you have some cost guidelines, you can work towards saving for your trip of a lifetime. How to find out how much things cost? You can contact your local travel agent who would be delighted to give you an estimate or do a flight search on Google Flights, have a browse for hotels on (we’ve lots of hotels ideas listed on our destination pages!) and check for excursions, sightseeing and tours (or (*AFs). Wherever you decide to go and decide to do, make sure it’s affordable for you! We love to save and splurge, maybe in a city you won’t spend much time in the room so a 3-4 star hotel is fine and you can splash out and go 5 star on your beach resort. Or, you really want to experience your own pool in the Maldives or Santorini but it’s out of reach? Then consider splitting the stay with a cheaper room type. Remember to think about ‘hidden costs’ such as airline bag and seat charges, resort fees or local taxes, transport, vaccinations, and travel insurance – as these can all add up.

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Trust an expert

The Honeymoon Guide was created by former travel professionals with years of experience planning and booking honeymoons so we may be a bit biased but we highly recommend speaking to a travel expert as they can match you with the perfect once in a lifetime trip. A great honeymoon specialist will spend some time getting to know you, what you want and need, find you the best value for money and tailor-make a trip to suit you. Travel is fraught with unknowns and whether it’s a flight schedule change/cancellation to something even more serious (like a pandemic!) a licensed and bonded Travel Agent will take care of the details and in many countries, booking through a travel agent means you are protected financially and have someone to help you if things go awry.

Be yourselves

Here at The Honeymoon Guide, we’re big fans of ‘Your Wedding, Your Way’ and your honeymoon should be no different! Don’t think the Maldives or Santorini is for you but love the idea of driving through New Zealand or seeing the Northern Lights? Then you do you, honeys!