Honeymoon in Jordan

A honeymoon in Jordan is rich with diverse experiences and magical ancient landscapes….

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A honeymoon in Jordan is ideal for culture, history and outdoor lovers, with a vast array of exciting diverse experiences in this ancient kingdom.

Most couples will start their trip in Amman, where you can explore Levantine cuisine, take a walk through the Citadel and see many important sacred archaeological sites. Less than an hour away is one of the region’s most well preserved Roman ruins at Jerash, a must-visit.

Soak in the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea (good enough for the Queen of Sheba & Cleopatra after all!) Many of the world’s favourite movies were filmed in Jordan – Star Wars, Indiana Jones & Lawrence of Arabia, to name a few! Drive down the striking King’s Highway to Wadi Musa, base to visit one of the seven wonders of the world, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, a place that needs no introduction, the rose-red city of Petra. We recommend spending at least two days exploring this spectacular bucket-list site.

Discover Bedouin culture in Wadi Rum, relax in the seaside city of Aqaba, where the extraordinary underwater life of the Red Sea is perfect for divers, of the best places in the world to swim with coral reefs. Jordan is the perfect destination for honeymoon adventure seekers


The best time to visit Jordan for a honeymoon is from March to May and September to October. During the winter months from November to January, it can get cold in the desert. During the summer months from June to August, it can get hot, particularly in the desert, with temperatures reaching up to 37°C/100°F.


Is Jordan good for a honeymoon? Yes, it’s perfect for a honeymoon full of cultural pursuits.

How long do you need for a honeymoon in Jordan? We recommend at least 10 nights.

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