Honeymoon in Seychelles

Alluring beaches, azure waters and virgin rainforest – a honeymoon in Seychelles is pure paradise…

seychelles the honeymoon guide
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A honeymoon in Seychelles is a beach trip like no other. With abundant beauty and the world’s best beaches – turquoise water teeming with an array of beautiful marine life, ancient rainforests of unique flora and fauna with enormous granite boulders.

Do this archipelago off the coast of Africa justice with a hop across different islands. Most couples will start with the main island, Mahé. The capital Victoria is tiny and you will no doubt drive through it when exploring this stunning island. Anse Intendance, Petite Anse and Anse Takamaka are just some of the incredible beaches you must visit. Beau Vallon is the centre for water sports and is perfect if you want to dine out,

Praslin is an hour away by ferry (or 20 minutes by plane) and is an essential inclusion on any itinerary. This island is even more laid back than its neighbour with tiny coves with nobody around and some busier but beautiful beaches like Anse Lazio.

La Digue, with one of the world’s most photographed beaches, Anse Source d’Argent is worth at least a day trip where you can hire bikes and explore this tiny paradise. Many islands are untouched by modern tourism, allowing for incredible biodiversity, including turtles spotting and visiting giant tortoises. Hikers will be in heaven with multiple trails on all the islands.

Hotels range from modest to ultra-lux private islands, with something for everyone, Seychelles is not your average tropical beach honeymoon!

Want to dive deeper and start planning a Seychelles honeymoon? Check out our Ultimate Seychelles Honeymoon Guide here!


Seychelles is warm all year round, but it has two trade winds (monsoons) that affect the weather. May to October are generally the driest months. The best time to visit Seychelles for a honeymoon is during the calmer times of April to May and September to October. Seychelles can be wet when the northwest trade winds arrive from November to March.


Is Seychelles good for a honeymoon? Yes, it’s perfect for an island-hop paradise beach honeymoon.

How long do you need for a honeymoon in Seychelles? We recommend at least 10 nights.

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