Our ultimate honeymoon playlists!

A honeymoon playlist with your favourite honeymoon songs is essential to set the mood for your big trip! Whether you prefer to rock out to Led Zeppelin on a road trip, get freaky to Cardi B in first-class, dance the night away to Donna Summer on a rooftop bar or slow dance to Marvin Gaye on a romantic deserted beach then our playlists will give you plenty of inspiration...just click play!
Ultimate Honeymoon Playlists by The Honeymoon Guide

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You’ve probably spent hours planning the music for your wedding, whether it’s with your DJ, band or a DIY Wedding Playlist so let The Honeymoon Guide inspire you for your honeymoon playlists full of the best honeymoon songs. Make memories with your own honeymoon soundtrack.

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The RnB Honeymoon Playlist​

Beyoncé, SWV, Ashanti – our favourite RnB honeymoon songs in one handy honeymoon playlist!

The Electronic Music Honeymoon Playlist

Techno, house, ambient – our favourite electronic music honeymoon songs in one handy honeymoon playlist!

The Rock Music Honeymoon Playlist​

Bowie, The Beatles, The Cure – our favourite rock music honeymoon songs in one handy honeymoon playlist!

The Pop Music Honeymoon Playlist​

Madonna, Britney, Kylie – our favourite pop music honeymoon songs in one handy honeymoon playlist!

The Hip-Hop Honeymoon Playlist​

LL Cool J, Cardi B, Jay Z – our favourite Hip-Hop honeymoon songs in one handy honeymoon playlist!

The Disco Honeymoon Playlist​

Diana Ross, Chic, Ashford & Simpson – our favourite disco honeymoon songs in one handy honeymoon playlist!

The Soul Honeymoon Playlist​

Marvin Gaye, Jill Scott, Sade – our favourite soul honeymoon songs in one handy honeymoon playlist!

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