Honeymoon in Cuba

The Caribbean’s largest and most intriguing island, a honeymoon in Cuba is the perfect combination of beach, culture and history…

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An ever-fascinating destination, a honeymoon in Cuba is perfect for culture lovers. It has yet to feel the effects of globalisation in the way most of the world has, because of the US trade embargo, which makes it a unique place to visit.

Most couples will start in the vibrant Havana, this atmospheric city of legend. Old Havana is an architectural treasure trove. Spend the night in a bar with a Daiquiri or Mojito. 

Take a car or hire a driver and get exploring this big island. The UNESCO World Heritage city of Trinidad is a kaleidoscope of incredible crumbling colonial architecture, Head to Viñales to hike the Sierra de Los Organos mountains and visit the tobacco farms for the famed cigars.

Cuba has whiter than white sandy beaches. Varadero is the major resort town with plenty of resorts to relax under the Caribbean sun. Want to see one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, take a flight to Cayo Coco or Cayo Largo for Playa Paraiso. There are plenty of beaches to discover, with few crowds and magical diving opportunities. Across the island, history is everywhere and Cubans are some of the most welcoming people on earth.


Cuba is a tropical destination that is warm year-round and experiences ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ seasons. The wettest months are from June to October when you can expect occasional heavy downpours. During the wet season, hurricanes can sometimes occur, particularly from August to October. The best time to visit Cuba for a honeymoon is from December to April.


Is Cuba good for a honeymoon? Yes, it’s perfect for a beach honeymoon for culture, history and outdoor lovers.

How long do you need for a honeymoon in Cuba? We recommend at least 10 nights

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