Honeymoon in The Philippines

A honeymoon in The Philippines is full of friendly faces, beautiful beaches and jungle activities, let’s take you to this archipelagic island nation…

The Philippines | The Honeymoon Guide
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This nation of friendly people is an anomaly in Southeast Asia after being a colony of Spain. It is now a predominantly Catholic and English-speaking country.

Most couples will fly to Manila where 7000 islands await beyond – whether you want a Robinson Crusoe experience on a deserted beach or kayak around karsts or island-hop to your heart’s content, there is an experience to satisfy every beach lover. Volcanic mountains and beautiful rainforest mean a jungle adventure is never far away either. 

Trek Mount Pinatubo and explore Banaue rice terraces. Island-hop to Boracay, Palawan or El Nido, which alone has around 50 beaches. Divers will be in heaven. Because of the geographical nature of the islands, most couples will fly between island areas.

A honeymoon in The Philippines is perfect if you’ve already done the big hitters like Thailand, Indonesia & Vietnam.


The best time to visit the Philippines for a honeymoon is from December to April during the dry season. November and May are shoulder months and can be good too. During the rainy season from June to October, you can expect heavy rainfall and typhoons.


Is The Phillipines good for a honeymoon? Yes, it’s perfect for an island-hopping beach honeymoon.

How long do you need for a honeymoon in The Philippines? We recommend at least 10 nights

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