Honeymoon in Indonesia

A honeymoon in Indonesia, and particularly in Bali, is a top choice for affordable luxury, with incredible diversity from landscapes to cuisine to activities. Paradise found…

indonesia the honeymoon guide
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From iconic beaches and nightlife to verdant jungle and beautiful sacred temples, Indonesia is one of the most exciting honeymoon destinations on earth.

Most couples and first-time visitors will opt for a honeymoon in Bali. This iconic island is one of the world’s top destinations for affordable luxury. Whether it’s the nightlife of Seminyak, peaceful cliff-side hotels overlooking the Indian Ocean in Uluwatu, or surfing in Canggu, there is a beach destination to suit you. Head inland to Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali, where you’ll find rice paddy fields, yoga centres, galleries and temples.

We recommend considering other parts of Indonesia. Experience a car-free existence on the alluring Gili Islands (easily accessible from Bali), and explore the temples and volcanic mountains of Yogyakarta on Java. Consider the Lesser Sunda islands where you can encounter Komodo Dragons on Komodo Island and hike the crater lakes on Flores. For off-the-beaten-track adventure lovers – visit other parts of Indonesia like Borneo & Sumatra where you’ll find orangutans amongst the wild jungle scapes.

This exotic archipelago has something to suit everyone.


Indonesia is a tropical destination that is warm all year round and experiences ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ seasons. The least rainfall happens at the height of the dry season from May to October. During the rainy season from November to March, you can expect heavy tropical showers, although these can be short. The best time to visit Bali for a honeymoon is from April to October.


Is Indonesia good for a honeymoon? Yes, it’s a diverse honeymoon destination that is perfect for adventure, wildlife, culture, history, food and beach lovers.

How long do you need for a honeymoon in Indonesia? For a honeymoon in Bali, we recommend at least 10 nights with additional time if you want to explore the rest of Indonesia.

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