Honeymoon in China

Endlessly fascinating and complicated, a honeymoon in China is a dream for intrepid adventure and culture lovers…

china the honeymoon guide
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A honeymoon in China is perfect for couples looking for something unique! Start in Beijing. This metropolis is one of the most absorbing cities on the planet where the ancient red buildings of the Forbidden City sit amongst the grey skyscrapers of the communist era. The Great Wall of China is not to be missed. It’s worth waking up early to visit the further parts of the wall – Simatai is one of our favourites.

Where the adventure really begins is outside of the capital city, experience the future in Shanghai, try street food in Xi’an, learn about Kung Fu at Shaolin Monastery and visit endangered panda bears in Chengdu. Bike ride around the beautiful limestone karsts of Yangshuo with its picturesque rice paddy fields & rivers. The old town of Lijiang and nearby lakes will stay etched in your memory.

Visit Rongbuk, the highest monastery in the world. The views of Mount Everest in Tibet are captivating. If the Trans-Mongolian railway or Silk Road is on your bucket list, you’ll experience travel’s most epic adventure. Top it all off with a visit to Hong Kong with its iconic neon skyline and incredible dining scene.


Due to the varying climates across the country, China can be visited throughout most of the year although from November to February the winter in the north is cold. The best time to visit China for honeymoon is Spring and Autumn when the weather is dry. During the summer it can be hot (and sometimes rainy) although this is a great time to visit Tibet.


Is China good for a honeymoon? Yes, it’s perfect for adventure, history, culture and food lovers.

How long do you need for a honeymoon in China? We recommend at least 14 nights.

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