5 destinations for an eco friendly, sustainable honeymoon

Go that extra mile for the planet while having a trip of a lifetime in our favourite destinations for an eco friendly, sustainable honeymoon!
5 destinations for an eco friendly, sustainable honeymoon | The Honeymoon Guide

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Sustainability is at the forefront of our minds and incorporating conscious decisions in wedding and honeymoon planning is on the rise. We’ve written about how to make your honeymoon sustainable no matter where you’re travelling to. We can all make better choices. Want to go a step further, then get a little off the beaten track while protecting our planet in our favourite destinations for an eco-friendly sustainable honeymoon.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is usually at the top of any eco-friendly honeymoon destination list. The UN Environmental Agency awarded this wonderful adventure destination Champion of the Earth 2019. Not only is it on track to decarbonize its economy by 2050, but most of its energy is renewable.

Costa Ricans work hard on deforestation with over 50% of the land covered in forest with a quarter designated national park. We love this tour from G Adventures. Honeymooners can expect beautiful Pacific & Caribbean beaches, smouldering volcanos and roaring rivers with an endless array of adventure activities.

bird in costa rica the honeymoon guide
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Slovenia is another wonderful destination and one of Europe’s best-kept secrets! In 2018, it National Geographic named Slovenia as the world’s most sustainable country. A staggering 60% of this Eastern European country is covered in forest!

The small but vibrant capital, Ljubljana, was voted greenest in Europe. Hike, bike, go glamping in the Slovene Alpine region, and visit Lake Bled- this is an outdoor paradise. Although Slovenia has one of the world’s shortest coastlines you can dip your feet in the Adriatic or combine with Croatia for some incredible island-hopping options.

lake bled slovenia the honeymoon guide
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Galápagos Islands

The Galápagos Islands are one of the most precious parts of the world and thankfully the Ecuadorean government takes its conservation seriously. Tour operators must operate within the Galápagos National Park rules.

Tourist dollars help conservation efforts and we recommend booking with authentic companies like Intrepid Travel and G Adventures who work closely with locals to make sure your visit has a positive impact on the community.

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We adore Botswana for a safari honeymoon with a difference. 40% of the land is protected and there is an emphasis on preventing overtourism. Botswana was one of the first countries to introduce an Ecotourism Certification System.

Most lodges are built with natural materials, many are powered by solar energy and have dispensed with plastic bottles and filter drinking water onsite, not to mention employing local people. Botswana is home to the world’s most dense elephant population. 

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Much is written about how Bhutan’s Gross Domestic Happiness. Based on the 4 pillars of sustainable socio-economic development, environmental conservation, promotion of culture and good governance. This Himalayan kingdom is also carbon negative.

Tourism is regulated, meaning that visitors must organise their honeymoon through an official partner like G Adventures or Six Senses. Expect serene Buddhist culture, historical and natural wonders and a welcoming destination.

Tigers Nest Bhutan the honeymoon guide via pexels ming zimik
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Have you considered a sustainable destination for your honeymoon? Let us know in the comments!

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Happy Planning x

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